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About Us

Welcome to the glitz and glam with Glitter n’ Glow, a premium pop up makeup and glitter bar, where we're all about adding that extra sparkle to your activation's, corporate parties and events. Elevate your event experience as our talented makeup artists create sparkling glitter filled looks or keep your make up looking amazing with a professional make up touch up station. Get ready to shine with our premium, biodegradable glitters and professional makeup that's not just on point but also cruelty-free. Whether it's a conference, gala, or a special celebration, our Makeup and Glitter Bar will add a touch of magic to your moment.


Our Pop up Bars

Make up Bar

Bringing a touch of glamour to every event! Our skilled makeup artists are at your service, offering on-the-go touch-ups and minor changes to ensure your guests look flawless all night. Our pop-up studio is where we bring the sparkle to you, fixing smudges and enhancing looks with precision ensuring every guest looks their best in every photo and at every moment.


Glitter Bar

Step into the dazzling world of our Glitter Bar, where creativity and sparkle merge to create unforgettable experiences. Our skilled glitter artists use a spectrum of premium, biodegradable glitters to create eye-catching accents. From subtle glimmers to bold statements, the Glitter Bar adds a unique, immersive element to your event, leaving guests with sparkling memories

As a pop-up sensation, Glitter n’ Glow brings the sparkle directly to your event's location.

Our bars can be set up individually or together, depending on your vision and needs. Contact us to curate the perfect experience for your upcoming event with Glitter and Glow! Our customizable packages can include add-ons such as hair styling, face decals and glitter beards, ensuring that your vision comes to life. Have a unique idea in mind? We're here to make it shine, let's collaborate and make your event unforgettable!

Why us?


An exclusive and immersive beauty experience


Premium biodegradable glitters


Professional, cruelty-free makeup


Customisable packages for every event


Skilled artists for on-the-spot transformations

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